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The History. The Tradition.

So much more than a place to hunt and fish. A place to relax, to gather, and to celebrate.

About Mill Pond

The Mill Pond Hunting club controls and manages almost 2,000 acres of prime hunting and fishing land. The main house is located on a 75 acre mill pond full of all fresh water fish along with a great natural habitat for wintering waterfowl.

There is opportunity for a wide variety of game hunting and sportsmanship at Mill Pond. Two, 5 1/2 acres of planted duck impoundments are surrounded by natural swamp land and duck habitat. The impoundments have a limited hunting schedule – typically once a week. A sunflower field more than ten acres in size is ideal for dove hunting, and the site of the annual Mill Pond Dove Hunt, one of the club’s most beloved and time-honored traditions.

Deer stands and food plots are placed throughout the property, providing the perfect spot to seek out the ultimate trophy of the season, and keep the family well fed with venison through the winter. Turkey blinds are set up before each turkey season allowing members to hunt for this noble bird.

Though as a hunting destination Mill Pond is second to none, the club is so much more than that. It’s a place to family and friends to gather, to connect with loved ones, and experience a place largely left to the natural beauty of eastern North Carolina. Come for the thrill of the hunt; stay for the warmth of the company.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the Mill Pond.

What Does Mill Pond Mean to You?

“The Mill Pond is truly a special place to get away from the every day stresses of life and work. It’s a place to teach my children and friends about being safe and learning the traditions of the outdoors. Also, giving back to conservation and allowing others to enjoy the opportunities of the outdoors has given us memories for the next generations to come…”